IMBA and STC Follow-up

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Mountain Biking is a Political Act, my first column here on MTBeer, was picked up by the International Mountain Biking Association (IMBA) and the Sustainable Trails Coalition (STC). It’s been posted on various social media platforms by other mountain biking organizations.

This week, I talked with Dave Wiens, IMBA’s Executive Director. I also talked with Ted Stroll, President and Co-Founder of STC. The outcome of those conversations is that both agreed to do a little Q&A that will be posted here on MTBeer.

I believe in the necessity and importance of civil conversation. In addition to this being a space for us to enjoy and celebrate mountain biking, and having a beer after the ride, I’m now thinking a little bit of “classroom time” might be a good idea. I learned a lot talking with Dave and Ted. As a result, MTBeer will be a newsletter, in part, for knowledge sharing.

Dave and Ted, hopefully, will drop by the “classroom” more than once this year and be part of the conversation, educating us. Who else? Drop some names in the comment box and I’ll look into it.

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