Keep Yourself Alive

Freddie Murkury NE-Style Hazy IPA

Mikkel Borg Bjergsø was/is widely-known as a gypsy brewer. From Copenhagen, Denmark, he’s brewed beer in umpteen cities across tens of countries. Fortunately, for San Diegans, he set up a brewery of his own here in town. For everyone else, if you visit America’s Finest City in the future, check out Mikkeller Brewing. Mikkeller also has a bar (with food) in San Francisco. Mikkeller beers are available across Europe and parts of Asia, too.

There is simply no limit to what Mikkeller Brewing is about, meaning the creativity, and the quality of beers, are far beyond the norm.

Why talk about Mikkeller Brewing here? Well, it’s a New Year! As a way to say Cheers to all of you at MTBeer, I offer a toast to “Keep(ing) Yourself Alive” in 2021! Be safe out on the trail, and in addition to keeping ourselves alive, let’s do our part in keeping other humans alive, too.

Queen, 1981, Live in Montreal, “Keep Yourself Alive” … I love live music. This entire concert is one of my favorites. The opening on this clip is phenomenal. If you have loud speakers, turn ‘em waaaay up!

What does the beer taste like? It’s something along the lines of the first couple minutes of this:

Cheers, Y’all! Happy 2021!