About James Murren:

Winner of the 2022 Society of American Travel Writers-Western Chapter Bronze Award in the Adventure/Health category for his article on Purple Lizard Maps/The Art of the Mapmaker in Mountain Flyer: The Mountain Bike Journal, with judging by The Missouri School of Journalism, University of Missouri. Said the judges:

In a world where GPS only gives you the next turn, this story makes you reconsider the true adventure of charting your own course — with a map. The writer journeys to Michaux State Forest in Pennsylvania to meet a mapmaker with deep insight into how following a contour map will push you toward your ultimate journey. 

Winner of the 2020 Gold Award in the Column category for Earn Your Beer in Adventure Sports Journal, handed out by the Society of American Travel Writers–Western Chapter, with judging by The Missouri School of Journalism, University of Missouri. Said the judges: 

Okay, so the premise is a little off-kilter – teaming up exhausting adventure sports with craft beer. These well-written columns are fast-paced, fun and really will get you off and exploring natural areas, with a cold brew as your reward.

James Murren is an award-winning independent writer, with numerous pieces having appeared in outdoor sports and recreation media outlets, adventure and travel magazines, newspapers, practitioners’ journals and newsletters, including:

L.A. Times, The Surfer’s Journal, Adventure Sports Journal, Mountain Flyer, Roads & Kingdoms, Backpacker Magazine, Cranked (UK), Snowshoe Magazine, Sub-Saharan Magazine, San Diego Union-Tribune, Spoke Magazine (NZ), Dirt Rag Magazine, Bike Magazine, Bicyclist Magazine, Strung Magazine, Bicycle Times, Switchback, and XXC Mag.

Writer’s website: https://jamesmurren.com/

About MTBeer:

This newsletter is 100% me, with the intent being to focus on mountain biking adventures, trails, locations and local breweries/guides/destinations, as well as beer bars, beers-to-buy, camp beers, all coming together to celebrate bikes and beer. I am the writer, the photographer, and the editor. This will be more unfiltered than my writings that are published at-large, so to speak. Essentially, it’ll be me hanging out with you at the brew pub, the camp fire, the trail head, sharing insights on the ride over a beer or three.

MTBeer is nothing but mountain biking and beer. That’s it. You get 4+ newsletters each month, costing USD$5/month or USD$10.20/year.


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James Murren

Award-winning independent writer, with numerous pieces published in outdoor sports and recreation media outlets, as well as adventure and travel magazines.