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Agree with the overall sentiment- not too sure about the “political act” stuff. (You could be using a metaphor that is going over my head.) The bottom line - in my opinion - is that mountain bike access relies on relationships. Relationships between riders and the land manager, yes; also relationships between riders and local clubs. If you ride a mountain bike, you should know and support your local club ...period. Everyone has a skill that can help the local club.

If you ride on public lands, you should know who the public land manager is and develop that relationship. As a land manager across a number of public land agencies, I have run across colleagues that run the spectrum for mountain bike access. Most are willing to support the sport, particularly when they are approached in a professional, “value-added” manner. Introducing yourself to the local land manager and offering education to them about the sport is crucial. The local club plays a crucial part in this relationship. IMBA, too, plays a role in these local relationships; although in my personal experience they have completely removed themselves from local relationship building. That isn’t good for the sport or IMBA.

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We can do far more together than as individuals. This article is well written.

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